sp2a little about me.

Hi I’m Tim Cromarty and I’m a Chief Architect and Development Director from Whitchurch, Hampshire in the UK.

As well as managing teams of developers, designing applications, architectures and solutions, I also love developing web sites and applications. I design architectures, provide advice and guidance and develop best practices around latest technologies.  I’m also a big fan of agile and pragmatic programming and using the best or most appropriate bits from multiple development methodologies such as Agile, Kanban, XP and Scrum.  Remember, most of the methodologies do not prescribe a particular way of work, just continually review and improve to fit in with your organisation or objectives.


I have been programming for over 30 years, having started by copying programs out of magazines and laboriously typing them into a BBC Micro. Since then I have worked in a variety of positions and responsibilities. In the ’80s I was an Oracle developer, starting with Oracle version 5 which I fondly remember installing on a new fangled SCO Xenix machine from around 20 720kb floppy disks. I then enjoyed working with Oracle forms 2.3 when all you had was a “trigger” that could run a select statement returning true or false.  Forms 3 was a revelation, and forms 4 and 5 were amazing.  Then someone invented windows and everything we had crafted in character mode had to be re-written… I even spent a few years working for Oracle UK which was an interesting period – like when Oracle decided to enter the Netscape/Internet Explorer browser wars by launching the Oracle Browser…hmmm. My Oracle development career was a great time, when I worked for a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, TV, Banks and Local Government.

In the late ’90s I became involved in java and web development, and then when C# and .Net were announced I quickly identified this as my chosen path.  Moving from windows forms and Visual Basic, through C# and ASP.NET, and then into MVC and the plethora of web technologies that we all now use.

I now specialize in designing and developing complex .Net based applications, directing teams of developers, introducing agile techniques, best practices and pragmatic programming practices. I  develop applications and web solutions, from small single page projects to global and enterprise wide web based applications.

My wife thinks I’m a nerd because my idea of relaxing is to read a programming blog or learn a new technique. I also have with an amazing 9 year old son who is learning to program – he thinks it’s more fun than computer games. My ambition is to stop lying about my age when I reach 35.